10 Ways to Live a Balanced Life

25 Jan
[Image] 10 Ways To Live A Balanced Life
Do you feel stretched like a rubber band, ready to snap? Has your to-do list stretched so long it’s wrapped around you like a python? Juggling a personal and professional life can seem like a never-ending high-wire act for all of us. We all long for a balanced life, but find it hard to achieve.We give up golf because there just isn’t time. We spend our vacations thinking about what awaits us when we get back to work. We feel obligated to give up a special date night to work late at the office.

But a balanced life doesn’t have to be illusive.

    Here are 10 ways you can foster it:

  1. Define your values. These are your core beliefs. Everyone places higher value on some things than others. Values may include things like family relationships, spirituality, professional achievement or financial security.
  2. Determine your priorities. In the big picture of your life, what things are more important than others,and what things can you live without? For example, are you in a stage of life where climbing the professional ladder is your top priority? Or maybe you want to nurture your marriage more than your career.
  3. Make choices based on your priorities. When faced with a choice of how to spend your time or money, don’t get sidetracked by competing demands. Which choice is higher on your priority list? Which option isn’t a priority at all?
  4. Set and keep boundaries. Other people’s priorities don’t have to be yours. Stay true to yourself and learn to say “No.” Don’t let others pressure you to neglect your own needs to meet theirs.
  5. Enjoy each moment guilt-free. When you are at work, be 100 percent on task. And when you’re home, don’t think about work. Don’t just DO things with family and friends; give yourself permission to enjoy them.
  6. Listen to cues from your body. Be in tune with your most basic physical and emotional needs. It may help to remember the acronym HALT. The letters H-A-L-T stand for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. If you find yourself experiencing any of these things, it’s time to halt and take care of that need. Eat properly, get adequate sleep, have social interaction and let go of negative emotions.
  7. Listen to cues from your family. Is your spouse constantly asking you when you’ll be home? Are your kids tugging at your sleeve to play catch or go to the movies? These are road signs to help you to stay on course.
  8. Make time for yourself. What relaxes you? Do you play golf, hunt or fish? Maybe you enjoy a cappuccino and a good book. Creative outlets are also a good way to decompress too. Pursue ways to release your inner artist, singer or writer. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it. What matters is that you enjoy it.
  9. Give your calendar wiggle-room. A balanced life doesn’t mean packing your calendar tight with commitments, even if all of them meet your priorities. No one can maintain an intense pace for long. You need time to transition mentally from one priority to the next. Give yourself room to do that.
  10. Make adjustments. Things come up that require flexibility. You may have to reschedule a lunch date to meet with a client. You may have unexpected company or a family crisis that requires you to put off your plans. By all means be flexible, just don’t get too far off track.

You can live a balanced life. Follow these 10 SmartTips and you’ll soon be enjoying your job and your personal life to the fullest.

This article is from Soundview SmartTips™


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